1/11/2016( Tuesday)

LAST BLOG POST This is our last blog post of research. To be very honest the research methods  is the only subject of whole course which i enjoyed alot. nothing much to say but hope we all will pass this course with good marks. Learnt so many good things during the course. Busy in doing […]

24/10/2016 (Monday)

Last week Clare informed us in the class that if any student want to make some changes regarding to the topic on which they are doing their proposal to do in this week. So there was no particular topic related to which we can post my blog. So  i am going to extend my views […]

17/10/2016 (Monday)

In this week post i am again going to explain the one of the major aspect of social media that is its impact on relationships because in my final assessment i will present the propsal based on SOCIAL MEDIA. Social Media’s Impact on Relationships There is no doubt that Internet is providing a convenient way to manage and […]

10 October, 2016 (Monday)

Every topic related to Information technology seems very much interesting to do research. There is no doubt that technology has put a vast impact on our lives. So besides choosing any interesting topic related to IT, i will try to explain the effect of technology itself on our daily life in the coming 20 years. […]

17/09/2016( Saturday)

(1) Title of the Article – Mobile security agents for network traffic analysis The title describes about the role of mobile security agents in working of the whole network of computers. It also contains various methods and software to prevent security techniques to computers. yes this article is quite interesting because it provides the best ways […]

Academic Article 2

Title: Wireless security through RF fingerprinting Authors: Nur Serinken and  Oktay Ureten Interest Wireless security is one of the most important threat which is increasing day to day and also has loopholes or chance to get cracked and hacked by the intruders. This paper provides me the information regarding the wireless security through RF fingerprinting technology […]

Academic Article

  Title: Mobile security agents for network traffic analysis Authors D. Dasgupta Div. of Comput. Sci., Memphis Univ., TN, USA H. Brian   Interest I am interested in this article because it is a valid paper and has author and citations. Secondly I  love working on the mobile security and this paper provides the information […]